List of Available Ready to Run Models on the Market

RTR Models

From time to time we are asked for finished models. We only provide kits, but here is a list of what's available from other sources. 

These are available in all price ranges, even as "ready to run" model, for which only the batteries need to be charged before you can start.

Pistenking PistenBully 600 in 1:12

The beautiful and absolutely scale to the original PistenBully 600 models by Pistenking (see also the large photo on top) are also available completely assembled. Prices are given in his Webshop. Simply click on the product, and for most you have the choice between kit and assembled.

Prices range from € 4.340,00 for a basic model consisting of chassis, PB600 body and front blade up to a deluxe RTR model with a whole lot of Pistenking accessories for € 9,905,00. For this you'll get a solid metal chassis with smooth driving capabilities, and details which cannot be distinguished from the original.

Pistenking is world wide the only serial manufacturer of fully functional and true scale models of snow cats.

For all in between variations of assembled models just ask Pistenking.

Kyosho Blizzard in 1:12

The Kyosho Blizzard was available  for € 329,00.  Now it’s only available on online platforms like ebay. It does not match any original snow cat, but it offers an affordable, ready to run model for a snow cat obsessed teenager for his first runs in the snow. Later on the Blizzard can be upgraded to an actual PistenBully model with our kits.

In the German magazine Rad & Kette 2/2012 a test report by Klaus Bergdolt about the Blizzard has been published.

Dickie Toys PistenBully 600 W in 1:16

The lowest priced ready to run model, the Dickie PistenBully 600 W is clearly a member of the toy category. But for only € 80,00  it gives at least some PistenBully feeling. With the rubber tracks you may only drive on compacted snow, and the steering is not proportional, meaning the curves will be rather sudden maneuvers. But on the other hand the blade can be raised and lowered, and it is a scale model of a PistenBully 600 with winch.

Pistenking offers upgrade parts like chassis, tracks and stickers to make a functional model of the Dickie at low cost.

The Dickie is at least a low price option if your still young off-spring would like to have a model. Now it’s only available on online platforms like ebay.

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