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Model Kits for PistenBully Bodys and Accessories in 1:12

Note: All shown models contain selfmade accessories and details which are not available for purchase.

PistenBully 400 (ParkPro, 4F) Body Kit 1:12

Kit PistenBully 400: Price: € 399,- (incl. 19% VAT)
Kit PistenBully 400 4F: Price: € 529,- (incl. 19% VAT)

With this model kit a Kässbohrer PistenBully 400 can be built for the Pistenking chassis. Of course also your Graupner (Kyosho) PistenBully or Kyosho Blizzard can be upgraded to a model of the PistenBully 400. The kit is based on original data and allows a scale representation of the original in 1:12.
The cabin is built up of 5 separate parts to accurately model the characteristic shape of the lower part of the cabin. The cabin of the original is built up the same way. Besides an optimal match with the original also a higher stability of the cabin is achieved.

The kit is available either as regular PB 400 or as PB 400 4F.

The PB400 4F features a new back pack behind the driver cabin. The reason is that an exhaust aftertreatment system for the "Tier 4 final" requlations is installed at the original. This system needs more space than the "old" exhaust system of the regular PB400 - therefore the new, larger back pack.

Contents of the Kit:

Driver Cabin:

6 PVC vacuum formed parts, clear, transparent (as shown below) for
· drivers cabin (5 parts: sides (2x), front, back, roof)
· air intakes
· mirror housings (2x)
· fully functional rotating beacons from Pistenking (2x),
Aluminum parts (laser cut) for
· rear cover and all parts for the platform (with structured surface)
· rear fenders
Door handles (PU casting)
2 sheets of self-adhesive stickers: PB400 in silver, warning stickers (in color)


- center console, seats, steering column as vacuum formed parts (PVC) as shown below
- steering wheel, screen, armrests for the driver seat, joystick as casted parts (PU) as shown below
- stickers for instrument panel

Additionally for the PB 400 4F:
- Highly detailled side parts left and right behind the air intakes of the back pack (PU resin parts)
- Tank filler cap (PU resin part)
- Exhaust bottom part underneath the platform (PU resin part)
- Triangle parts for the back pack center piece (PU resin part)
- Exhaust (3D printed part, sintered nylon)

The parts are not painted.

PB400 Kit ContentsPic: contents of the kit: body parts

PB400 BausatzPic: metal parts for the rear cover (regular PB400)

PB400 kit contents cockpitPic: contents of the kit: cockpit parts

PB400 CockpitbausatzPic: casted parts for arm rests, joystick, screen and steering wheel

Further Materials Needed for Construction:

These materials are not included, but they are available in every hobby store:
- modeling ply wood 3mm, for the base plate (not needed for the chassis of Pistenking)
- glue: super glue, Pattex Repair Extreme or similar product, plastic glue
- paint
- sandpaper 600 grain to prepare PVC for painting
- balsa wood, appr. 3- 5 mm thick (small pieces), optionally left-overs from the ply wood may be used
- aluminum rods 3 mm for mirror frames and handles
- brass rod 4 mm and 2 mm for side railings of platform
- optional: LEDs + reflectors and clips for lights

Tasks to be done: cutting, gluing, painting, drilling
To build the kit basic knowledge and skills in modeling are necessary.

Lights Detailing Kit for PistenBully 400 (and 4F)

Price: € 69,- (incl. 19% VAT)

PB400 Detailsatz

Pic: Lights detailing kit


Pic: installed lights detailing kit

Contents of the kit:

- glasses for 2 front combination lights: white/amber
- glasses for 2 rear combination lights: red/amber
- 5 housings for combination lights (1 spare)
- bracket for working (carving out) of a housing
- 10 elliptical rings for the roof mounted headlights front and rear (2 spare)
- 3 elliptical rings for the front combination lights (1 spare)

Grinding and polishing work is necessary! The glasses may contain small gas bubbles due to the production process!

After the combination lights have bee properly carved out, fitting SMD-LEDs can be inserted. Then they are installed on the PB400.

Combination Tail Light for PistenBully 400 4F (Kit)

Price: € 59,- (incl. 19% VAT)

The specific form of the housing simulates the effect of the multiple LEDs in the ring of the original.

Soldering and glueing work is necessary.

Pic: Parts of the kit

Pic: installed combination tail light at the 4F

Contents of the Kit:
- Housing and casing (3D printed parts, high definition acrylate)
- Tail light glass (transparent red resin part)
- Micro LED red
- LED 5mm, already flattened for proper fit
- each for 2 tail lights

Conversion Kit to ParkPro

Price: € 29,- (incl. 19% VAT)

With this kit you can convert the driver cabin of a PistenBully 400 to a ParkPro.
The steering column and steering wheel areat the original replaced by control levers at the arm rest. The control levers are simply glued at the front of the armrest at the model. It has a matching shape for our PB 400 armrest.

This kit is suitable for both PB 400 ParkPro and PB 400 ParkPro 4F.

Pic: installed ParkPro control levers

Pic: PB400 ParkPro 4F

Contents of the Kit:
- Lever control base (3D printed part, sintered nylon)
- 2 control levers (pins with pin heads, pre-bent)
- Stickers: ParkPro, PistenBully (in black)