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Model Kits for PistenBully Bodys and Accessories in 1:12

Note: All shown models contain selfmade accessories and details which are not available for purchase.

AlpinFlex-Tiller Model Kit 1:12

Model Kit: Price: € 249,- (incl. 19% VAT)

With this model kit the latest PistenBully tiller can be built for your Graupner (Kyosho) PistenBully or Kyosho Blizzard. The model kit has been specifically adjusted to the dimensions of these chassis. Therefore a visually correct representation of the original can be achieved in scale 1:12 even with the narrow plastic tracks. The lifting mechanism was designed to work with the Graupner chassis even with the tight space due to the gear box in the rear.

Contents of the Kit:

- covers as vacuum formed parts (PVC)
- pre-bend sheet metal parts
- tiller frame pre-bend
- rubber mat with grooves for finisher with yellow tape for the upper side
- all needed metal parts cut to exact length
- bolts + nuts
- self-adhesive stickers: PistenBully in silver, warning stickers

Available at Pistenking



AFFPic: a completed tiller as it can be built with the kit

Tasks to be done: drilling, tapping (M3 only), grinding, glueing, assembling, painting
To build the kit basic knowledge and skills in modeling are necessary.

The tiller itself is not motorized. Pistenking offers a Motor Set for € 69.